Cook County Defense Attorney Fights Prosecutor’s Bond Request For Murder Suspect’s Wife

Cook County– Cook County prosecutors asked a judge Wednesday to require the wife of a Des Plaines man charged with killing his father to surrender her passport and post a bond as a potential witness. Vicky Klegman, an assistant state’s attorney, said prosecutors probably would seek testimony from the wife of Ravi Kumar, 28, and want to make sure that she does not leave the country. Kumar, of the 1000 block of Carlow Drive, is accused of killing his father, Rajinder Kumar, 54, last month by intentionally crashing his sport-utility vehicle into his father’s car.

During a hearing in the Skokie branch of Circuit Court, Judge Garritt Howard said he would rule Tuesday on the prosecution’s request but ordered the woman to turn over her passport to her lawyer until then. The woman’s lawyer, Melissa Smejkal, opposed the prosecutors’ request, saying Kumar’s wife has not been charged with a crime and has testified already before a grand jury. Also during the court hearing, Kumar entered a plea of not guilty to first-degree murder charges. Copyright (c) 2006, Chicago Tribune

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