This article reminds me of the tv show Weeds. It is really surprising that such an enormous amount of resources were wasted on such a silly case. First, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office is broke so why are they wasting all of these man hours spying on people buying lights to grow broccoli? It’s one thing to get a tip but to sit in this parking lot for a million hours is silly.  August is a record breaking month for murders and shootings yet they are focusing on weed which is legal in many places and will likely be legal everywhere soon.

Next, too many hours were spent prosecuting this case. I wish the Cook County State’s Attorney Office would focus on violent crime instead of drug cases like this. The defendant was willing to take probation from the beginning.  What was the point in seeking prison for someone with no criminal background? He sounded like the perfect candidate for probation.

Finally, Was it necessary for the police officer to lie? Why is it so hard for some of them to follow the rules? I could care in the least that this girl walked but I would be pretty upset if this was a violent crime. Sounds like it’s time for someone to go back to the academy.

Best part of the article was Judge Sack’s comments! And of course in the end the defendant got probation. . .


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